Equine Training

I practice natural horsemanship because it makes sense and it works! I have continued success using the tools and knowledge of Clinton Anderson through his Down Under Horsemanship Method. The opportunity to be a rider in one of his clinics at his Texas ranch, being able to ride and work side-by-side with him has given me a whole new insight into teaching and training. The practice of natural horsemanship is not just working a horse, forcing compliance. It’s trying to understand your horse, form a bond, build a relationship and have your horse be a willing, respectful participant.

Training your horse is a great start to a successful horse/rider partnership. Your understanding and follow through of this training is the key to this partnership.
Before your horse leaves Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd. you and your horse will work together. This will reinforce your horse’s training and give you practice time. Back at your barn, continue using what you have both learned.

Assessment of horse at current barn

Free initial consultation within 20 miles of Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd.  $1.00/mile, round trip fee for travel beyond 20 miles.

Ground work and under saddle training at Crane's Run Equitation, Ltd.

Fee for board + training, based on length of time needed to best suit your horse’s needs.

Horses for training must have negative Coggins test no more than 30 days prior to arriving at Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd. Vet check, stating that your horse is able to participate in a training program. Current immunization record including Tetanus, Rabies,  and other vaccines as recommended by your veterinarian. Health history including allergies, ongoing treatments, etc. and your vet’s contact numbers (office and emergency).

Horse owner to provide feed/supplements to continue your horse’s current dietary routine while at Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd