Welcoming equine enthusiasts to a non competitive, hands on atmosphere to meet the learning needs of both students and horses.

Offering students the opportunity to learn about the mind and body of a horse, form, build and strengthen the human/horse connection. Instruction and equine training based on principles of natural horsemanship.

Safety protocol for equine activities

Do not open

Stall doors, barn doors or gates unless asked to do so.

Close all stall, barn door, gates

if you are asked to open it, please close it as well.

Signed liability waiver

Parents must sign for participants under 18 years of age.

Proper Equipment

Closed toe heeled boots and helmets for everyone participating in equine activities. Helmets available at Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd or riders provide their own

Education session

Care and safety around horses. Demonstration and return demonstration of safe stance to clean hooves

Assess helmet fit

Adjust or switch helmets to achieve proper fit.

Care around Horses

Avoid sudden movements, loud verbal outbursts, walking directly behind horse. Let horse know where you are standing, touch, talk to reassure

Check riding equipment

Riders, saddle, girth, stirrups assessed and adjusted before mounting and after mounting.

All student riders

All student riders work in riding ring at a walk to display understanding of basic riding techniques and safe control of the horse

No student rider

Leaves the ring or progresses beyond a walk viewed to be an unsafe rider by Crane’s Run Equitation Ltd.

Student rider will...

Be asked to dismount or be lead around the ring by Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd. If necessary for comfort of horse and safety of student rider.

Participants in Therapeutic Riding

Please inform and consult with your medical practitioner about horseback riding.

2 weeks prior to scheduling Therapeutic Riding lessons please provide Crane’s Run Equitation, Ltd. with a written copy of your medical practitioner’s specific guidelines, limitations so a lesson plan can be developed addressing those recommendations.